Teacher of the Year Program




In 2001, Mr. Cliff Dodson, Superintendent of Buncombe County Schools, wanted to create a special recognition for the county school’s Teacher of the Year. This acknowledgment would symbolize not only appreciation to the Teacher of the Year but also thank all educators who serve students in the name of quality education. The result of his idea was to provide the winner of the Teacher of the Year competition a car to drive for one year. Thus, the Leased Car Award Program was created.


In the first year, John Teeter (Pepsi), Pat Grimes (Harry’s Cadillac-Pontiac-GMC), Frank Polk (Black Mountain Chevy and Ford), and Luddy Greenspan (Saturn of Asheville) took the lead and donated money to make Mr. Dodson’s wish come true.  Since the beginning of the program, nine cars have been awarded.


With today’s needs in schools, the Buncombe County Schools Foundation has changed from honoring the Teacher of the Year with a car for one year, to giving them classroom tools they can keep.


The Teacher of the Year gift from the Buncombe County Schools Foundation will be $4,000 worth of Technology for the winning teacher to outfit their classroom in the 21st Century Classroom model.  The technology chosen will be specific to the needs to the teacher.  This gift continues to be sponsored by Pat Grimes (Harry’s Cadillac-Pontiac-GMC) and Mack Alonzo (Asheville Chevrolet).  The gift will not need to be returned to the Foundation at the end of the year and can move with the teacher to another classroom or school. 
This decision by the Board of Directors to move to a program that supports curriculum and teachers in the classroom works consecutively with the strategic plan of the Foundation as a whole.  We are proud and honored to be able to continue the tradition of helping to honor the Teacher of the Year for Buncombe County.  Thank you, teachers, for all that you do for our students!
Become A Partner
The Buncombe County Schools Foundation invites other corporations to participate. For more information on how you can become a partner in this exciting and worthwhile program, please call Lisa Adkins, Executive Director of the Buncombe County Schools Foundation, 232-4190.